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Mark Misukanis seeking your vote for Minnesota State Senate in District 52.

Mark Misukanis

Mark is seeking your vote in the 2016 election to the Minnesota State Senate in District 52.

Meet Mark and See His Qualifications How Mark Will Help Minnesota

Important Issues



Reducing burdensome taxes.

Reducing Taxes

Work on reducing the tax burden to many Minnesotans. Finding ways to keep money in your pocket.

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Transportation and Infrastructure

Improve Transportation and Reduce Congestion

We need to fix our roads and bridges, invest smartly in new highways and design innovative ways to reduce congestion.

Transporation and Infrastructure

I will work to improve the quality of our infrastructure in Minnesota.

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K-12 Education

Improve the quality of Education for all ages

Improve education at all levels. From early education, all the way through higher education programs.

Improve K-12 Education

Quality education is a cornerstone of society. I will work to improve the quality of education, both in District 52, and across the state.

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Effective & Accountable Government

Government Effectiveness and Accountability

Find ways to eliminate unnecessary and wasteful programs to make government more effective and agile.

Improve government effectiveness and accountability

The government works for you and I will make sure that it does so effectively and properly, ensuring you have a government working hard for you.

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